Testimonials & Success Stories

 Clifton Park Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing individuals with the highest quality of rehabilitation services. Below are some of the testimonials from clients at our clinic. We have a history of success in assisting individuals achieving their maximum level of physical function.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else but Clifton Park PT

I had a THR, anterior approach in October. The surgery was extremely successful, but I of course had the normal healing process to go through. When I started at Clifton Park PT I was extremely guarded with range of motion and had significant postural issues. Kristy provided me with an individualized program aimed at decreasing stiffness, increasing range of motion and strength. I am AMAZED at how far I progressed in the past 6 weeks. I attribute my success to her expert direction. The reassurance and teaching she provided throughout was exceptional. I am back to full function and am confident in my continued great prognosis. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but Clifton Park PT for therapy!

- Mary Beth M. 2014

Achieved amazing results

Upon arriving to Clifton Park Physical Therapy I had spent 5 weeks with my left arm in a sling. My doctor verbalized I had 3 different techniques/surgeries to my left shoulder. With the excellent and patient staff we worked together to achieve amazing results, working on flexibility, strength training and proper body mechanics. I have been blessed with the ability to return to work and my quality of life has improved. A special thanks to the compassionate staff at Clifton Park Physical Therapy for all you have done.

- Daniel N. 2014

I am able to function like I did prior to my incident

In June of 2013 I tore my bicep tendon and subsequently had surgery to repair it. This was a new experience for me and one that frightened me and caused me to wonder if things would ever be normal again. I am a career firefighter and I depend on my body in order to do my job. After an agonizing summer in a cast I was told to start physical therapy. I work with Kristine Wanmer’s husband, Dan, so I chose Clifton Park Physical Therapy. My first visit I was in a lot of pain, had limited mobility and function of my right arm. It was like my arm was frozen in place. I certainly had a sense of uneasiness. Kristine personally attended to me and started with evaluating me, massage, a few exercises and heat/cold therapy.