Do I need to bring anything to my first visit?

Please be prepared and bring your prescription for Physical Therapy and Insurance card. If your Insurance requires a referral or pre-authorization, it is your responsibility to obtain one and bring it with you or your insurance may not cover your service. Under “Direct Access” you may come for 10 visits or 30 days, whichever comes first. If you have a Medicare or Medicaid plan, you must have a prescription for PT as the Direct Access does not apply.


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Products for Purchase

We sell products including but not limited to McKenzie lumbar rolls, cervical pillows, ice packs, tennis elbow splints, thera-putty, resisted bands, overhead pulleys, saunders supine traction and over the door pulley systems, heel lifts, McConnel tape, MELT soft rollers and MELT ball kits.

When I first came to this office, I could barely move, was unable to sit, and was generally uncomfortable with low back pain from a herniated disc. Kristy was absolutely fantastic! She developed a program of treatment that was so helpful for not only the immediate problem, but for long term. Kristy has hands from heaven! Her manual techniques were so incredible, I will surely miss them.

- Glen W. -