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What We Do

Treat Injuries and Conditions


Injuries are common and can occur from inadequate training, improper form, muscle imbalances as well as accidents, falls, and traumas. We treat many injuries from pre/post surgeries, vertigo, sports injuries, and TMJ. We specialize in the spine, orthopedic, and myofascial conditions

Clifton Park Physical Therapy

Treatments and techniques

 Our trained staff of licensed therapists have a personal, hands-on approach to therapy; ensuring you receive the right services for your injury or condition. We work with you in our comfortable, relaxing therapy center with private treatment rooms.

Every patient of CPPT has their own personalized plan of care. That plan of care incorporates a wide range of techniques, manual therapy, mobilizations, and strength training.


Modalities may involve a simple technique like applying ice with our Game Ready Compressive Device for acute injury to more complex modalities like cold laser to reduce pain and promote healing. Treatment modalities when appropriately applied are very useful in adjunct to therapeutic exercise and manual techniques in rehabilitation.

Game Ready Modality
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